Dichroic filters

Dichroic coatings

A dichroic filter is used to select pass light of a small range of colors while reflecting other colors.

Borofloat glass is commonly used to resist high temperatures.

Dichroic filters are produced by the vacuum deposition of layers of thin and rare metal films onto borofloat glass or polycarbonate.

The glass is coated by controlling the thickness and number of the layers.

The final color is obtained alternating layers of optical coatings with different refractive indexes upon the glass substrate. Wavelength of light selected by the filter varies with the angle of incidence of the light.

Dichroic filters allow the reduction of infrared rays emission and are frequently used for
alimentary stores

Fields of applications :


– Dichroic filters for scenic and artistic
– Dichroic filters for shops and hypermarkets
– Dichroic filters for alimentary lighting ” Butchery, bakery, greengrocer, fishmonger’s …”
– Dichroic filters for indoor and outdoor lightin

  • Dichroic filters for event lighting

  • Dichroic filters for artistic lighting

  • Dichroic filters for alimentary lighting